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Skool Dayz

If you were online in the winter of 2021-22, there's a high possibility you saw news, theories, and think pieces about HBOMax's Euphoria. The show received acclaim for its groundbreaking artistic direction and aesthetic appeal to a generation thirsty for something new. The show also received criticism for its lack of dark skin black people, darker-skinned people of color, and dark-skinned queer people. Both are rightfully deserved.

For far too long, we as a black community have relied on a eurocentric Hollywood to accurately and fairly depict the stories, fantasies, and realities of those who are so often misrepresented

In collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University's Statement Modelz, we created a project that gives a glimpse into what could have been. furthermore, we wanted to give black fans of the show as well as the generation at large a scene, an idea they can see themselves in and buy into. Instead of continuing to demand representation that we deserve in media (I would go as far as to say representation that we are entitled to) we took matters into our own hands and did the work ourselves. 

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